I need to win this contest . . .



I entered this contest on “Live! with Kelly and Michael.”  I’ve been leading group fitness classes since 1986 and I’ve taught thousands of them over that time.  Of course, I believe that I’m the greatest fitness instructor in the history of civilization, but other people may disagree.  Those people are wrong!

Anyway, there’s an essay portion to the contest.  When I was in university I took many of my options in Physical Education, even though my major was English.  I remember the collective groan I would hear from the Phys Ed students when an instructor would announce that the requirements for the class included an essay.  Phys Ed students are dumb!

Or at least that’s what I’m counting on.  My essay is terrific!  I really want to make into the finals of this contest.  Five finalists get $2,000 and a trip to NYC to plead their case on the show.  One lucky winner gets $10,000!  I’ll need everyone I know to rally behind me if there’s an audience participation component.  After twenty-three years as a volunteer instructor for the YMCA, I think that I can drum up a little support.

Stay tuned for more.


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