Sabrina Can’t Be a Capricorn



Here’s a funny photo of Sabrina from “Big Brother Canada” that I found on the show’s Facebook page.

My friend Deb once had this hilarious book that described the worst qualities of all twelve zodiac signs.  For Capricorn, the author mentioned “eating and crying at the same time.”  That image has intrigued me for my entire career as an astrologer because I believe it’s uncannily accurate.  I believe that Capricorns are generally discrete, so when they go overboard with binge eating and feeling sorry for themselves, it’s usually done in a very controlled fashion in the privacy of their own homes.  They tell themselves “I’m going to eat this whole pie and cry for ten minutes before I pull myself together and face the world again.”  It doesn’t happen often, but it happens.

Anyway, Sabrina seems to be engaging in this sort of behavior every ten minutes or so, on camera for the whole world to see. She can’t be a Capricorn.  I’m going to poke around the web and see if I can figure out what sign she is.  With all that blubbering and self-delusion, my guess is Virgo.


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