The sun moved into Taurus about a day ago.  After Capricorn, Taurus is probably my second-favorite zodiac sign.  I’ve had lots of Taurus friends throughout my life and I’ve found them to be the most easygoing people I know, despite their reputation.

One thing that really interests me about the sign of Taurus is how the symbol of the bull has been able to remain associated with a sign that is not only considered to be feminine in polarity, but also ruled by Venus, the most feminine planet.  A few Chinese astrologers actually call the Chinese sign known as Ox by the name Cow.  The reason for that is that Chinese signs are also feminine or masculine (or, more accurately, Yin and Yang).

Now these masculine and feminine distinctions really don’t have much to do with gender as we define it, but rather with characteristics we associate with extroverted and introverted behavior.  Still, I’d be happier calling Taurus “the sign of the cow” just because it would make more sense to see the sign represented by a female animal.  Also, most of the Taurus natives I know are fat .  . .


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