Not that Pluto!

I was just looking at where the planets are in the sky right now because lately I’ve believed that the stars were lining up in my favor.  Now I don’t mean that everything is going my way because that’s not happening at all.  What I’ve noticed is a little more Karmic justice being doled out in the world.  Am I delusional?  Maybe!  But here’s a little snippet from of what is going on in my chart over the next couple of years as Pluto hovers over my natal sun:

Pluto brings about drastic, revolutionary changes, but ones which are necessary to halt the process of stagnation and instigate continued growth. These changes cannot be resisted entirely, although your tendency might be to desperately cling to the status quo. One of the lessons you will learn is that change is necessary —all things which have lapsed into a cult routine or become meaningless will be cleared away to make room for more progressive attitudes and creative activities.

This transit of the Sun brings about the need to understand yourself on a deep, inner level, much deeper than the image you normally show to the world. There is also a need to get to root causes. Exactly why do I act in this way? Why am I afraid ? Who am I really? These questions, and more, must now be answered. During this time, you can put together the pieces of the puzzle of your life. Psycho-analysis, consciousness-raising groups, meditation and introspection can help you to achieve deeper self-understanding, which will lead to greater self control and greater utilization of your potentials.

While I can buy much of that, I don’t believe that Pluto’s influence is so profound or personalized.  I believe that the phrase “drastic, revolutionary changes” is a gross overstatement of the way that Pluto works.  This change is going to occur, but it’s going to occur at a glacial pace.  Pluto will be in orb of my natal sun for a few years — in and out of retrograde cycles.  I don’t expect to be looking/feeling/acting the same in five years, anyway.  Everything changes; that’s the way the world works.

Nevertheless, what really interests me about this once-in-a-lifetime transit is the aforementioned Karmic justice I’m experiencing.  I’m noticing that the changes are external: bad things are happening to bad people.  Since “bad” is a term that is relative to my own sense of morality, I’m going to take this as a sign from the universe that the planets are indeed lining up in my favor.  Perhaps this will lead to “greater utilization of my potentials” as I begin to gain a little more confidence in my ability to push forward without having to worry about the sort of “bad” people who would take advantage of me (which is a recurring theme in my life).

Now I just have to learn how to stop taking so much pleasure in watching people get what they deserve.  I wonder what planet can fix that?


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