Gross Pig Wins Big Brother Canada



I don’t care if he played a good game.  I don’t care if he has a likable personality.  I don’t care that Canada loves him . . .

Last night, Jon Pardy won the second season of “Big Brother Canada.”  I would have been more excited to to see him win the $100,000 prize if he didn’t disgust me so much.  This is the guy who spend half the season with his hands down his pants scratching his balls.  If that wasn’t bad enough, he actually got an infection on his penis from scratching his balls.  Along with that accomplishment, he also grossed-out his fellow house guests with his overall lack of hygiene.  At one point in the game, another contestant introduced him to dental floss.  He had never flossed before.  Then, during the finale, he cut himself and bled all over the host.

Yechh!  That’s all I can say.


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