Why can’t I have nice things?



I don’t begrudge people who have nice things.  Everyone’s got their something.  I can blow my money without flinching on clothes I don’t need, slot machines that don’t pay nearly enough and four-dollar cups of tea at Teavana.  So when the ultra-rich want to spend money on the rarest and most fabulous precious jewels imaginable, I typically don’t get envious.

However, I was clicking around the Cartier website the other day when I came across the story of this famous necklace once owned by the department-store heiress, Barbara Hutton.  Considered to be one of the finest pieces of jadeite jewelry ever created, the necklace was purchased by Cartier last month for $27.44 million USD, setting the record for the highest price ever paid for a piece of jade jewelry (click the link above to read more).

Anyway, I can read about famous jewelry all day long, especially when it comes with a great story.  Recently, I ordered myself a very unusual gemstone ring from eBay after a lifetime of barely ever wearing any jewelry.  It’s almost as if nothing was good enough for me because I always knew that there were things like this necklace kicking around in the world.  I finally got past that mental barrier, but I still want nicer things.  Maybe I need to start lurking around pawn shops, or I could just start digging until the earth gives up the goods.  In either case, I need to do something.


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