My Two Cents on the RuPaul Controversy



I like RuPaul.  He graciously allowed me to interview him a few years ago.  I was a fan of his before that, and I’m still a fan today.

Over the last week, however, I’ve read a lot of negative comments about the performer because of his refusal to apologize for using the word “tranny” on his TV show, “RuPaul’s Drag Race.”  I’ve also read a lot of positive comments defending RuPaul for his refusal to apologize.  In fact, the comments have run the gamut, from people who would award him the Nobel Peace Prize to people who would have him lynched.  Seriously!

Now here’s what I’ve gathered from the issue: most of you are horribly selfish people who can only argue a point as it applies to your own personal experience.  There is barely any objectivity displayed in most of your arguments nor is there any desire to compromise reflected in your comments.

I’m often accused of being patronizing because I’m not afraid to speak up as the adult in many of these conversations.  I don’t take it as an insult because there’s nothing wrong with being a grown up or arguing a point that is contrary to that of a bunch of spoiled children.

Hey everyone — grow the fuck up!


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