The sun entered Cancer just a few hours ago and I couldn’t be happier.  There’s really nothing wrong with the sun being in Gemini, but of all the signs, I believe that I have the least in common with Gemini.  That shouldn’t be enough to make me feel out of sorts, but for some reason I felt tremendously relieved.  Relieved!  That’s the only word for it.

I do have a Cancer moon and in many respects I feel an affinity with the sign.  Cancer rules over motherhood, though, and there’s nothing I like less than having to talk to people like I’m their mother.  However, it does come naturally to me.  I like to tell people “If you don’t want me to talk to you like I’m your mother then stop acting like you’re my child.”  For some reason, people don’t like that.  Big babies . . .

Anyway, just a few days ago, Jupiter moved into my tenth house where it will be for the next year or so.  Mars has ended its retrograde cycle and is about to reenter my first house where it briefly resided for a few weeks earlier this year.  I was super-energetic for a while with Mars conjunct my ascendant, but then it slipped back into my twelfth house. For the last couple of months I’ve felt as if wasn’t driven.  Then yesterday I had energy to spare.  It was like I had wiped the sleep out of my eyes for the first time in as long as I could remember.

Hopefully, this is feeling is going to last for a while.  I like feeling wide-eyed and awake, like the crab in the photo above.  And I love the summertime where I live, especially late June and early July when the weather is wet one minute and sunny the next.  I’ve got a good tan and my skin feels soft and smooth, like I’ve just shed my old shell for a nice, new one.  Now I just need to get these ten legs of mine moving in the right direction. That’s sideways, right?


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