Peony Time


Here is my Bartzella peony.  It’s got a ton of buds.  It gets bigger and better every year.


This pink peony sent a huge, woody root up to the surface last year.  I didn’t believe that it was going to come back, but it sent up a single stem with four buds.  I suppose it will begin to regenerate now that the old, dead wood is out of the way.


This one is called Coral Supreme.  The photo is sort of blurry.  For some reason, my camera wouldn’t auto-focus on it.  Maybe it’s camera shy.


I’ve got two giant clumps of these pink peonies, collapsing under their own weight.

There are still three more that haven’t bloomed yet.  We’re two or three weeks behind with a lot of these flowers.  Next week it’s supposed to get hot, so maybe things will catch up.  I hope so!  I’ve got some annuals that seem to be suffering.  We could use a day or two of rain, too.  My lawn looks like hell.


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