Number Nine


MGM Grand Adventures

My ninth trip to Las Vegas set a new standard for fun.  I went with my sister Karen and four other friends.  We all stayed at Treasure Island.

What I remember the most about this trip was the theme park that used to be at the back of the MGM Grand property where the Signature is now located.  My sister, my friends Marjie, Mitch, Sean, Serena and I visited the park and we had a blast.  I think we rode on the inner tube ride in the photo a couple of times because there was no lineup.  You could try to steer the tube away from water hazards that would get you wet. For some reason, Serena got the wettest every time we rode.  We also went on one of those log rides that plunges you down a ramp at the end.  It had cameras that took a photo of you just at the worst possible time.  Marjie ended up buying her photo because it looked as if she was having an orgasm on the ride.  We took it back to the restaurant where most of worked at the time and hung it up on the wall.

Everything about this trip was great.  I got to eat my beloved date-nut bread thing that I used to eat at the Golden Nugget because they had it on the menu at the breakfast joint in Treasure Island.  Marjie and I splashed around in the pool.  We played tons of fun slot machines including a Sigma Derby at Excalibur with a King Arthur theme.  I remember ordering pina coladas there and getting kind of drunk.  I also remember that everyone but me and my sister went to see the Cirque du Soliel show at Treasure Island.  When they came out, I was already in bed because I got so loaded drinking one of those skull drinks.

There’s one other thing that really sticks out in my head from this trip.  We were in the buffet and I was trying to get past some people in the lineup who wouldn’t shut up about the types of bagels that were offered.  I remember telling them “Hey, you’re not the only people in line” and they gave me this death-stare like I’ve never seen before.  Oh, how people with terrible manners hate when you point out their terrible manners!

It was a good time all around.  It made me realize that it’s better to go with lots of people so that you can ditch them if you feel like it.  The nice thing about going with my sister Karen is that she never takes that personally.  Plus, she ditches me as much as I ditch her.  It works for us.


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