Number Six?



Here’s a photo of a bar located in the casino of the Luxor resort in Las Vegas.  I saw this place the last time we were there, but before I get to that, I’ll discuss the time I spent at this hotel.

When the Luxor first opened, it was incredible.  I stayed there with my sister Karen and my friend Tanya.  My friend Lisa flew in from Los Angeles to meet us.  We stayed in the main pyramid.  I don’t believe that the secondary towers had been built at this time.  I’m going to guess that it was around 1994 or 1995 because we also visited Treasure Island for the first time during this trip.

Of all the themed resorts, it was the one that was the most breathtaking.  The statues in the lobby looked so authentic and the Egyptian theme pervaded every element of the decor.  I honestly don’t remember much else besides taking some stupid photos in the front of the hotel and learning how to take a cash advance on my credit card at the ATM. Why did I ever learn how to do that?

But I digress!  The reason I posted the photo of the casino bar above is to illustrate how the Luxor resort seems to be trying to strike a balance between the days of themed resorts and Las Vegas’ current trend to modernize everything.  The Luxor is kind of dump by MGM Resorts‘ standards.  Someone brilliantly decided to remove almost every vestige of the Egyptian theme a few years back — I guess that they didn’t notice that the hotel was a freakin’ pyramid!  Yet the last time I visited, I noticed this bar.  It wasn’t necessarily Egyptian, but it had a desert vibe that reminded me of so many other classic Vegas hotels of the past.  It seemed like a step in the right direction.

I still like to visit this hotel.  In fact, I find that the walk from New York, New York, over the bridge to Excalibur, through Luxor and into Mandalay Bay is a great way to spend an afternoon.  I just wish that it was a little nicer so that I would be compelled to stay there again.  When I first visited the hotel more than twenty years ago, it was gorgeous.  Now it’s filled with little pockets of seediness that give me the creeps.  But they seem to be working on it, and that’s the reason I’ll probably go back again come September.


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