My eleventh trip to Las Vegas was probably the best I’ve had.  My sister Karen and I stayed at the brand new Aladdin Hotel.  We met up with my friend Korey and her friend Heather.  They were staying at the Flamingo.  I had tons of money to spend that trip, and it was nice to feel as if I wasn’t on a budget.

I never really was one for going to production-style shows, but I decided that we should go see something while we were there.  I booked tickets to Charo (at the Riviera, the Stardust or the Sahara — I can’t remember which one).  I slipped the maître d’ fifty bucks and he seated us in the front row.  We laughed our heads off while drinking Midori melon balls.  Halfway through the show, Heather discovered her shirt was inside out.  Korey kept making snorting noises while Charo was playing her flamenco guitar solo and I could barely keep it together.  It was so much fun!

I also remember eating at the buffet, of course.  Korey was barely able to cram anything else into her mouth, but she insisted upon finishing her meal with some cherry pie.  She sat back like Jabba the Hutt, stabbing at the pie with her fork, and then she proceeded to drop a big blob on her clean shirt.  So classy!

Another time the four of us had met up for breakfast at the Flamingo.  Korey and I were facing the hallway that runs alongside the pool.  A woman with a cowboy hat, Wrangler jeans and Farrah Fawcett hair walked by.  Then another one walked by, followed by a dozen more, then another few dozen.  There were fifty of them!  I remember looking at Korey as we both thought “what the hell is happening?”  It was the Miss Rodeo USA Pageant!  Why didn’t we buy tickets to that?

As for gambling, this was the first time that we were able to play those “Fifty Play” and “Hundred Play” penny poker machines.  I actually won a bunch on a nickel version when I was dealt four threes straight-up with twenty-five hands in play.  I got a hand pay at Paris, too, playing a game called “Big Tippers.”

The other big highlight of this vacation was my solo trip to the Liberace Museum where I spent a pile of money in the gift shop.  I bought Korey a lovely, red-sequined sun visor that she kindly obliged to wear for an afternoon.  It was a great trip all-around.  Vegas is way better when you don’t go on a budget!



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