When Things Got Interesting


Desert Passage

It wasn’t until my eleventh trip to Las Vegas that I discovered what it meant to use a player’s club card in the casino.  As a result, my twelfth trip was booked directly with the Aladdin hotel as “complimentary.”  I’m always skeptical of getting something for nothing, and I accepted my invitation to a slot machine tournament with a bit of trepidation.  We’re they really going to pay for everything?

Anyway, I met my American friend Suzanne there.  She’s the girl version of me.  Suzy had a friend living in Vegas so she was the perfect traveling companion; sometimes I just want to be left alone.  I played in the three-part tournament over two days and I ended being the last person to get a prize, but it was $500!  I went down with $800 in my pocket and woke up on my last day there with $700.  Of course, I blew it all before I got on the plane, but I didn’t visit the bank machine once!

What I remember the most about this trip was the heat.  It was July and I could barely leave the casino.  One day it was 45°C!  We walked from the Aladdin to Paris next door (probably a ninety second trip) and I thought that I was going to die.  The heat radiated from the concrete even though it was the middle of the night.  It felt like being inside a pizza oven.  I vowed to never go back to Vegas in summer ever again.

Other highlights included a trip to the buffet where I had to get up and pee four times.  I don’t know what came over me.  I also remember shopping for a souvenir collector’s spoon for Suzy in the Desert Passage.  She didn’t collect spoons, but I once had told everyone that she did so that they would start buying them for her.  Ha!

The big highlight, though, was checking out of the hotel with the casino host.  She comped everything we had charged to the room and then told us to go for another meal because we hadn’t spent enough of our resort credit.  I paid something like $27 for the whole weekend, all because of using the Aladdin’s player’s club card.  And there was some sort of cash-back feature that gave me another $130 to blow on the slots before I left.

Finally, all my experience was paying off.  I was a high roller!


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