Lucky Number Thirteen


Cafe Society

My thirteenth trip to Las Vegas was the start of a new tradition.  For years and years, I had been on my friend Tracy’s back to plan a trip to Sin City.  Finally, we decided to meet up for her birthday (this is a different Tracy than the other Tracy I accompanied on another birthday trip).

My sister Karen joined us.  We were all going to book at the Encore, but the hotel wasn’t going to guarantee us a room with two queen beds.  So Tracy and her significant other, Roland, booked the Encore and Karen and I booked at Treasure Island — just because it was relatively close to the resort.

This was probably 2010.  Treasure Island was fine.  It’s no Wynn resort since it was sold, but there was nothing wrong with the rooms.  I had a friend who visited the hotel last week and she told me that the casino could use some work, but that’s not a big deal.  I play at the Flamingo all the time and it’s more in need of a refresh than any other big resort on the Strip.  The Encore, on the other hand, was divine.  Wow, those hotels are something else!  If it wasn’t for my current relationship with Mlife, I’d book there in a minute.

Highlights of the trip included a visit to Cafe Society at the Encore.  While I’m pretty easy to please in most breakfast joints, the environment of a restaurant like this is not lost on me.  We stuck to the north end of the strip mostly because that’s where we were staying. We made it as far south as the Aria on the west side of the road, and only as far as the Flamingo on the east.

This was probably my unluckiest trip — number thirteen, go figure!  Tracy would get on a good run every now and then, though.  She even felt sorry for me and split some winnings with me when I was near rock-bottom.  I’m still waiting for the day I need to return the favor.  I don’t believe that Karen and I went to any shows, but Tracy and Roland saw Le Rêve.

The best part of this trip, though, was finally introducing Tracy and Roland to Vegas.  Now we go all the time!  They’re the best people to travel with because they like to do all the same things that I like to do.  They don’t complain and they don’t need to be accompanied 24/7.  I’m going with them again in five weeks.  I can’t wait!


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