Elton John

I was supposed to spend my fourteenth trip to Las Vegas with my friends Tracy and Roland, but Tracy’s mother had been sick for some time and her health took a turn for the worse and she decided to stay at home.  Tracy had already purchased tickets for us to see Elton John at Caesars, so she sent them to me in the mail.

I went down with my sister again.  We stayed at the Signature at the back of the MGM Grand. The hotel is beautiful but quite far away from the casino.  We took the afternoon flight and got there in the evening.  I barely lost any money the first night because I found a slot machine that just wouldn’t lose.

The next morning I parked my ass at the same machine.  Not long after, I won $1600.00 on a forty-cent bet.  There’s nothing better than winning a bunch of money at the beginning of a Vegas vacation.  The pressure to adhere to my budget was off!

For that reason, it was a wonderful trip.  It would have been nicer to go with friends, but if I had to choose between Tracy and Roland or a big slot jackpot, I’d probably choose the latter — I’m kidding!

The most interesting thing about this trip was how grouchy people were everywhere I went.  I figured that I would just give away the Elton John tickets to someone I met in the casino, but I didn’t meet anyone.  Finally, a nice couple from Minnesota stopped to talk to me in the hallway to the Signature and I gave them the tickets.  They really couldn’t believe that some random stranger was doing something so nice for them.  That’s me, though: I live to give.  Especially when Tracy has already paid for what I’m giving away.

I guess I only have a few more trips to reminisce over before it’s time to go again — not that I’m counting.  Oh, who am I fooling?  I’m always counting.


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