A retraction . . .



I was just sorting through my memories of my trips to Vegas and I realized that my last couple of posts incorrectly blurred two of my trips together. Now I realize that I saw “Viva Elvis” the same time I stayed at the Signature. When I stayed at Mandalay Bay I saw “Dancing with the Stars Live” and “Zarkana” — or at least I think I did.

So if I’m correct, on my sixteenth trip I stayed at the MGM Grand with Tracy and Roland. I know that we saw “Love” at the Mirage and “Peepshow” at Planet Hollywood. That’s got to be right. You know you’ve been too many times when it all blurs into one! Of course, I didn’t see Tyra Banks in the audience at the show. If I had, it would have been etched into my mind like deep scar in my cerebellum (and I mean that in the nicest possible way).

I suppose that I have a handle on this now. This definitely was my sixteenth trip. We visited the Las Vegas Premium Outlets South where Roland lost his phone and it took two hours to find it. Karen turned fifty while we were there and Tracy sent her the most beautiful flower arrangement. My luck was bad, but it wasn’t as horrible as the previous trip. And I’m sure that this was the trip that Tracy and Roland decided to stay an extra day because they didn’t feel like going home.

It’s all coming together. By the time I leave on Saturday I’ll have figured out exactly how many times I’ve been there.


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