My Astro Twins: Part Two

Kate Middleton

Kate Middleton

Next up on my rundown of fabulous celebrities who share the most important elements of my natal chart is Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge.

Kate and I share four planetary placements: a Capricorn sun, a Cancer moon, a Libra rising sign and Venus in Aquarius. For an outsider looking in, it would be natural to compare the two of us. It’s as if we were destined to rule over our inferiors! But actually our charts are quite different. Kate’s sun opposes her moon from the fourth house to the tenth house: a sort of mutual reception by house placement. Mine aren’t in opposition and they occupy the third and ninth house respectively. With Venus and Jupiter in mutual reception by both sign and house placement in my natal chart, that axis becomes far more important to my character. It’s why I feel the incessant need to communicate with the world-at-large.

Kate, on the other hand, has taken on a very traditional role as the one of the figureheads of a nation. With Mars, Saturn and Pluto all in her first house, she’s also going to be able to transform the monarchy into something more palatable for future generations. My first house is vacant, like the look in my eyes when I read the work of most other astrologers.

So I guess what I’m saying is that the two of us are more like fraternal twins. I hoped that we would be identical because things really seem to be going her way lately. Still, there’s nothing in my chart that makes me believe that I could handle the scrutiny she has to deal with every day. She’s a tough broad. I believe we’ve only begun to see that.


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