I have a lot of Virgo friends. I just found this image online and I’m wondering if it’s one of them.

Anyway, the sun entered Virgo this morning. It’s usually a good time of year for me because I’m quite Virgo-like in my fondness for routine. I get along very well with Virgos, too, except when they drink too much and get all desperate and needy.

In a couple of days the sun is going to meet Jupiter in Virgo. Venus and Mars will follow soon, giving this autumn Virgo vibes in general. For the next couple of months, we need to clean up after ourselves, both literally and figuratively. Chaotic behavior will be rewarded with more chaos. Hard work and diligence will be rewarded with tangible benefits. With Saturn finishing it’s retrograde stint in Scorpio mid-September, everything is going to take on a Karmic cast. Virgo is the goddess of the harvest and she teaches us that we reap what we sow. If you’ve made a mess, you’ve only got yourself to blame.

I’m optimistic about these transits, of course. I’m a Capricorn and all this action in my solar ninth house means that it’s going to be easy for me to be the stickler for details that I am. It’s much different than actual transits of my natal ninth house that make me feel as if things are going to go my way without any effort on my part. That’s called self-delusion. And even those many of these planets are about to enter my natal twelfth house soon — the house of delusion — I’m lucky to have just as many planets working to keep me grounded. Pluto is going to be sitting atop my natal sun for a couple of months. That ought to keep me from rushing into anything without thinking it through.

As for the rest of you, it’s a good time to turn the mirror onto yourselves instead of trying to explain what’s wrong with everyone else. Avoid being overly critical, but also avoid fighting with your critics. If people see things differently than you it’s because they have eyes, too.


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