My Astro Twins: Part Three


United Kingdom

Okay, this is going to seem weird, but bear with me . . .

My third astro-twin is the United Kingdom. Founded on January 1, 1801 at 12:01 AM, the United Kingdom has a natal chart very close to my own. We not only share our Capricorn sun, Cancer moon and Libra ascendant, but also Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Aquarius, Neptune in Scorpio and a Cancer midheaven.

So what does that mean? Well, first let’s compare the similarities. Neither of us would be surprised if anyone used the word “daft” to describe us: we’re known for our eccentricities. English is our language (I even have a university degree in English). We both get along well with the USA, but we’re both glad that we’re not American. Cool weather is my thing. I’m not always the boss but I usually act like I am. People often mistake my pragmatism for political conservatism although I’m very liberal from a social perspective. There’s a saying that goes “no man is an island,” but I always feel as if I’m one. I also show no signs of slowing down, even though it feels as if I’ve been around forever. I’m in great shape for my age!

And now for the differences. The United Kingdom is a sovereign state in Europe. I’m a guy who lives in Canada. The UK has the everyday monotony of “Coronation Street,” while I prefer the glitzy trash of “The Young and the Restless” and “Days of Our Lives.” The UK is a constitutional monarchy. I’m a one-man dictatorship — no one is going to tell me what to do! The biggest difference, however, lies in our sun/moon placements. The UK has its natal sun in the fourth house and its moon in the tenth. I have my natal sun in the third house and my moon in the ninth. I mentioned these positions in my previous entry when I discussed the Duchess of Cambridge. I’m more of an optimist as a result, and less of a traditionalist.

So that’s it! It’s interesting that the two actual people who share much of my chart are both Brits. Maybe I should move there. It’s just so far away from Las Vegas . . .


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