Peony Time


Here is my Bartzella peony.  It’s got a ton of buds.  It gets bigger and better every year.


This pink peony sent a huge, woody root up to the surface last year.  I didn’t believe that it was going to come back, but it sent up a single stem with four buds.  I suppose it will begin to regenerate now that the old, dead wood is out of the way.


This one is called Coral Supreme.  The photo is sort of blurry.  For some reason, my camera wouldn’t auto-focus on it.  Maybe it’s camera shy.


I’ve got two giant clumps of these pink peonies, collapsing under their own weight.

There are still three more that haven’t bloomed yet.  We’re two or three weeks behind with a lot of these flowers.  Next week it’s supposed to get hot, so maybe things will catch up.  I hope so!  I’ve got some annuals that seem to be suffering.  We could use a day or two of rain, too.  My lawn looks like hell.


More Crab Apples and More!


Here’s the other crab apple tree in my yard.  The bed underneath it is full of stuff that should start blooming soon.  We really don’t have a lot of flowers in bloom here yet because Edmonton is very far north.  The days are about sixteen hours long right now, though, so we catch up quickly.


I do have a lot of these snowdrop Anemones open.  They make a nice ground cover after they’re done blooming.


The first of my peonies, a fern-leaf peony, is open, too.

I’ve still got so much work to do just to get the beds weeded and planted.  I’m going to try to make a day of it tomorrow if the weather cooperates.  Hopefully, there will be more photos to come soon!

The View from My Front Door


I love this time of year when the crab apples are blooming!  This is a photo I took from my front step this morning.  I just pointed and clicked the camera.  I have two more trees like this: one with a lighter-colored bloom and the other with a rosier bloom.

The weather is a little cool and rainy right now, so this very short-lived blooming season might be extended from one week to two.  I hope so!  The only solace I get from knowing that the crab apples are finished is knowing that the lilacs follow shortly afterward.

Bitten by the gardening bug . . .


. . . or maybe that was a Lyme tick.

Here are some lovely peonies I grew in my garden last year.  Along with my fashion and astrology blogs, I’ve actually written a few gardening blogs, too.  One was on a now-defunct arm of Yahoo! and the other was a test-site to gauge the viability of a blog targeted to the members of the Edmonton Horticultural Society.  I was on the board of directors for the EHS and for several years I ran their annual garden competition.  On that note, I’ve even written features for “Canadian Gardening” magazine.

So there’s another fascinating subject I’m going to able to discuss on this blog. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to be less multifaceted.  Maybe some of you could let me know in the comments section.