I haven’t been myself for a while.  I’m usually quite eager to share my brilliant thoughts and opinions with the world, but for the last few months I just haven’t felt like giving anything away.  Hence, my lack of interest in blogging.  Hence, my lack of interest in almost everything.

I guess I can attribute my selfishness to Mars.  It’s been stuck in Libra — and my first house — for what seems like an eternity.  Yesterday it finally moved into Scorpio and I hope that this will bring an end to this lackadaisical attitude I’ve developed.  Mars isn’t comfortable in Libra, and although it should feel at home in my first house, it’s been rough. I’ve had the confidence and the energy to make some big changes in my life, but my ambition has been at an all-time low.  I can attribute some of that to Jupiter transiting my ninth house.  I know that most astrologers look at the ninth house as a place for expanding horizons, but for me it’s a place where planets go to mess me up.  It brings out the worst in me; it makes me apathetic.

Now that Jupiter has not only moved into my tenth house, but also into Leo, I’m feeling ready for some big changes in my life.  With Mars kicking things into gear, maybe I’ll actually feel like doing something rather than just pacing back and forth.  Maybe I’ll actually feel like writing something when I sit down at the computer instead of refreshing my Facebook news feed over and over again.

You know the saying “Something’s gotta give”?  I have the feeling that something just gave, and I have the feeling that I’m going to like it.


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